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This blog is jam-packed with fandoms. Other stuff you'll be seeing here include all kinds of art, social justice things, animals, and food.

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Dalton is a Glee fanfiction by CP Coulter, which is on AO3 and FF.net. Its a spin-off that starts after the Glee episode "Furt". If you ship Klaine and love the Warblers, then I recommend you read it (or not, if you'd like to keep your sanity intact, but it truly is an extraordinary work of literature).

It updated recently, after a hiatus that lasted for over 2 years, so forgive me if I've been posting about it more often. Blacklist "unhealthy obsession" and "daltonfic" if you would like to ignore the posts.

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For so long my heart was breaking
And now we’re standing strong

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